Reasons To Hire Professional Piano Movers


If you are planning an upcoming move, you need to consider the need for professional services, especially if you have a piano. Many people feel they can save money by asking friends and family to all pitch in to lift and carry the piano. However, this approach is more dangerous than you might realize. Here are some good reason to choose professional movers instead. 1. Save your floors. Sometimes the piano is too heavy to lift consistently, so people may choose to push the piano over the floor, especially if the floors are hard, like tile or wood.

14 June 2017

Learn The Benefits Of Hiring Long Distance Movers


If you are going to be moving out of the area then you may be wondering whether you should rent a moving truck and drive yourself or whether you should instead hire long distance movers. There are actually a lot of great reasons for choosing to go with movers. Learn about just a few of the benefits of hiring long distance movers below: You can take your time traveling to your new place

6 May 2017

Moving Out Of State? Use This Checklist To Keep The Moving Process Smooth Upon Arrival


There is no question that moving in general is one of the biggest jobs you will ever tackle in your adult life, but throw the fact that you will be moving to a new state into the equation, and you can have an overwhelming situation. The fact is moving everything you own a great distance to a place you're not all that familiar with can be incredibly scary and is bound to have a few bumps in the road.

13 April 2017

How to Properly Store Photos


Printed photographs can provide a physical representation of a memory, but large collections of photographs can also take up a great deal of space in your room. If you want to free up some space in your closet or living room, you may want to consider putting your photo collection into storage. However, before doing so, you need to ensure that your properly prepare your photo collection so that they do not become damaged while in storage.

4 April 2017

Moving Out Of State? 5 To-Do's


Moving anywhere new can be stressful, but moving to another state, or across the country can be even more stressful. You aren't just moving your belongings, you are essentially moving your entire lives elsewhere and starting over - changing jobs, schools, doctors, finding new friends, and possibly leaving family behind. Moving is stressful, but if you take your time and make a list of things you need to do and handle some things before you move, it can make things a little less stressful.

22 March 2017

3 Tips To Help Make Your Next Move Less Stressful


Moving day requires a great deal of planning, but with the right preparation you can reduce the amount of stress you encounter during the move. Here are three tips to help make your next household move easier and less stressful. Prepare a Moving Kit Before your moving day arrives, make a list of items you will need to have available during your moving day. Then, pack up these items into a "

22 March 2017