Reasons To Hire Professional Piano Movers


If you are planning an upcoming move, you need to consider the need for professional services, especially if you have a piano. Many people feel they can save money by asking friends and family to all pitch in to lift and carry the piano. However, this approach is more dangerous than you might realize. Here are some good reason to choose professional movers instead.

1. Save your floors.

Sometimes the piano is too heavy to lift consistently, so people may choose to push the piano over the floor, especially if the floors are hard, like tile or wood. However, the weight of the piano can actually leave permanent indentations in hardwood floors as you push the piano, and tiles may crack from the pressure of the piano's weight. Lifting the piano over all surfaces is the only option, and it may be beyond your strength. 

2. Protect your instrument.

The next reason to hire professional piano movers is to protect the instrument itself. Because pianos are so heavy, it's easy to mishandle them during a move. Even one bad step or poor grip can lead to dropped the instrument, which can scratch the finish, crack the wooden frame or casing, or even permanently alter the delicate components inside the piano. You'll have to pay for the piano to be restored, which will mean an additional cost. 

3. Protect yourself and your help.

The most important reason to hire a professional piano mover is to protect yourself and the people assisting you from injury. The weight and bulk of a piano -- even a smaller model-- is enough to cause serious injury. Strained muscles are the least of your worries. A wrong move or trying to lift too much weight can cause permanent back injury, damaged joints, or even broken bones and torn ligaments. 

4. Proper placement and loading.

Finally, professional piano movers known how to properly pack and handle a piano. The weight of a piano on your moving truck could throw off the balance of the load. It may even cause marking or damage to a rented moving van. Also, a large piano could overwhelm the hauling capacity of a small pick-up truck or tow trailer, causing damage to your vehicle. Even if you can handle the piano yourself, you may not know the best way to load and tow the piano to the new destination. 

For more information on moving your piano and planning your trip, contact a local piano moving company. 


14 June 2017

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