Hiring Specialty Movers For Your Large Or Valuable Items When Relocating Them


A moving company offering specialized moving services may be available for things outside the normal household items that you are moving. Things like pianos, large furnishings, and extremely valuable items often need more protection and may require unique tools and techniques to move them. 

Finding Specialty Movers

Often a moving company specializing in large items or unique situations will advertise their services in places like the local yellow pages, online classifieds, or a website you can find with your favorite search engine. In some cases, local movers may have a special crew and equipment and offer special moving services, so if you are unable to find one in your area, check with a general moving company to see if they can do the job or recommend someone that can. 

Large items often require more people or special equipment to make lifting and moving them easier. Furnishings on the upper floor of your home or in an apartment may require some planning to get the job done without damage to the items you are moving or the building.

Often valuable items like a grand piano or some expensive antiques require a mover that carries insurance to cover potential damage to the items during the move. If the moving company does not offer this insurance coverage on these items, look for one that does.

Preplanning Your Move

When dealing with oversized items or things that are extremely valuable, it is often a good idea to have the moving company you are considering come and look at the house and items before your moving date. Preplanning is often necessary for these kinds of moves, and taking some time to walk through the house with the contractor moving the items allows them to formulate a plan and determine what equipment they need to ensure the job is done right. 

Moving something fragile may also require a truck with an air-ride suspension and potentially some additional padding inside the cargo area to protect the items during transport. It can also take extra time to move large, bulky, or expensive items, but the mover can give you an idea about the time involved when you look over the job. 

If you are uncomfortable with the moving company after the first meeting, you may want to get a second opinion or quote for the move. Remember, these items will cost more to move than standard items, and it is essential that you get the service you are paying for and that everything makes it to its new home unscathed.  

Contact a local moving company to learn more. 


16 March 2023

Moving Without The Problems

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