Tips for Moving Holiday Decor


How should you move your holiday décor? From twinkle lights to the inflatable Santa that usually sits in your front yard, take a look at the top prep tips to follow before the residential moving contractor arrives.

Choose the Right Containers

There are two types of containers you'll need to move holiday décor. The first type includes smaller boxes. Ideally, these are the original boxes the items came in. Not only is the original packaging the right size to fit the item, but it may also have protective foam or cardboard inserts to keep lights, knick-knacks, ornaments, or other types of décor safe during your move.

Along with the original packaging (or a similarly sized smaller box), you may also need a larger container to move several like items. Heavier items such as folded inflatables, a tree stand, or decorative holiday quilts can travel in thick-weight plastic bins with lids. You can use cardboard boxes for lighter items. If you need to move Christmas ornaments or anything fragile, use cardboard dividers in larger containers to reduce the risk of mid-move damage.

Untangle Everything First

Avoid post-move hassles and untangle twinkle lights and garlands before you pack. You'll have enough to do when you arrive at your new home. Instead of unpacking boxes just to spend hours untangling lights, store this type of holiday décor properly. Wrap lights or garlands around long, thin pieces of cardboard. This helps to keep the strands separate and may decrease the likelihood of knots or tangles. Place the wrapped lights or garlands in individual plastic bags. These bags can go into one cardboard box or a plastic bin with a lid.

Cover Larger Items with Bags

Your faux Christmas tree, wreaths, and other larger items won't fit neatly into boxes or bins. Don't force these holiday picks into containers that bind or crush branches, ribbons, or delicate parts. Garbage bags are inexpensive packing options to explore. Cover the faux tree or wreath with a wag and tie the end to keep dirt, dust, or move-related debris out. Canvas totes and similar heavy-duty fabric bags provide an easy-to-carry alternative. These types of bags are ideal for items that could poke through plastic—such as sharp mock tree branches.

Select a Color-Coding Option

How can you easily separate holiday décor from everything else you need to move? Choose red and green bins for your Christmas items or use a color-coded tape to seal cardboard boxes. Ultimately, use colors that match with popular holidays so they're easier to sort and retrieve throughout the year. 


12 November 2020

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