3 Extras to Look for When Choosing an RV Storage Facility


You might be looking for the right place to store your RV for the season, or you may want to keep it in a storage facility on all of the days that you will not be using it. You will probably want to look for an RV storage facility that offers a few extras for your money, if possible. These are some of the extra amenities that you might want to look for when you are choosing a storage facility for your recreational vehicle.

1. Storage for Your Other "Toys"

If you have other "toys," then you might want to look for an RV storage facility that offers storage for those items, too. For example, when you take your RV on a trip to the lake, river or beach, you might like to bring along your boat, too. This means that you might be hoping to find an RV storage facility that offers boat storage, too. Luckily, many storage facilities make it possible for their customers to store their other items, too.

2. Wash Bays

Making sure that your RV is kept nice and clean is important. Not only do you probably want to make sure that your RV looks great when you go out on the road, but you might also want to do things like clean your RV thoroughly before putting it in storage for the winter. As you might already know, it can be challenging to wash your RV if you don't have a water supply, long hoses, a drain for dealing with the water that runs off of your RV and more. Luckily, many RV storage facilities do have wash bays, so this might be one of the little extras that you will want to look for when searching for a facility.

3. Dumping and Filling Stations

Lastly, you may want to find an RV storage facility that has dumping and filling stations that you can use. After all, you might not want to make a special trip elsewhere when bringing your RV in from the road or when preparing to go out on a trip. Fortunately, some of the better RV storage facilities do have dumping and filling stations available.

If you are looking for an RV storage facility, you will probably want to look for the three extras above. Of course, you will also probably want to look for the basics, such as a convenient location and ample storage. For more information, contact services such as United Moving and Storage.


23 January 2020

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